Mixture book cover proposal

Here is a proposal for the cover of the mixture book on Mixture Estimation and Applications we are editing, with a stylised rendering of Buachaille Etive Mor… I am not sure it sufficiently fits the topic of the book, other than being taken a few hours and 107 miles from the start of the meeting at ICMS (!), so the cover may end up with a more scientific picture. However, this is my favourite sight when approaching Glencoe, Buachaille rising by itself from Etive Mor, especially with abundant snow and crisp cold sunny skies as I got last March…. Other than those aesthetic considerations, the book is very close to production. I spent Tuesday working on the index and the proofs should be sent to the authors pretty soon.

5 Responses to “Mixture book cover proposal”

  1. […] mishap in the production of figures and Buachaille Etive Beag proudly stands on the cover (despite contrary advice from some ‘Og readers). It is also a pleasure to have this book published in the same series […]

  2. […] was a complete surprise. The less because this is also the theme of the chapter Olivier wrote for the mixture book. (Soon to be […]

  3. […] A position opening in one of my favourite departments (10 visits and 22 Munroes), due to the retirement of a great co-author! […]

  4. Suggestion: how about a picture of *several* of those mountains (say, the chain)? That would remind of the multimodal aspect of mixtures.

  5. Gotta vote, STRONGLY against. Doesn’t really evoke mixture models (a topic I love) for me at all.

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