Marie Curie [2]

As a coincidence, following the previous post about Marie Curie grants, the French postal services launched this weekend a new stamp in honour of both Marie Curie, who got her (second) Nobel Prize in Chemistry 100 years ago (the first one was in Physics in 1903) and of the International Year of  Chemistry. Since Pierre and Marie Curie lived in my home town of Sceaux, the stamp was first emitted here and I got a postcard with the new stamp (as well as an older stamp of 1967 commemorating Marie Curie’s 100th birthday). Another unfortunate coincidence about the Curies is that Pierre Curie got run over place Dauphine where the Université Paris-Dauphine now stands…

6 Responses to “Marie Curie [2]”

  1. Nicolas Says:

    Seems like Universite Paris Dauphine is actually near Porte Dauphine, at the NW edge of Paris and quite far from Place Dauphine (or Rue Dauphine)

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  4. required field Says:

    There might be a mistake. According to, he was killed crossing rue Dauphine, after trying to see his editor which was probably Gauthier-Villars, 55 quai des grands augustins. (Mais peut-être se rendait-il au bois de Boulogne pour faire son jogging, ce qui expliquerait sa hâte ?).

    • Ok, this would seem more likely a story (and location). I got confused by the New York Times heading…. If one cannot trust the NYT, even from 1906, where are we headed…?!

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