Latent Gaussian Models in Zurich

Here are the slides of my talk—with some recycling from my slides at Wharton—at the workshop on Bayesian Inference for Latent Gaussian Models in Zurich next Saturday, in obvious connection with the recent arXiv posting and the three posts about ABC model choice. Although there is nothing really Gaussian in the talk, I hope I will get comments from the audience. (And maybe results from a population genetics experiment we are currently running…)

6 Responses to “Latent Gaussian Models in Zurich”

  1. […] of the Advanced Monte Carlo Methods I & II, given a few years ago by Michael Mascagni at ETH Zürich, I found a link to the scanned version of the 1964 book Monte Carlo Methods by Hammersley and […]

  2. […] contact Kathleen Mosson if interested) is as follows, with my talk being close to the one I gave in Zurich: 10.00 Welcome Prof. John McColl, Head of Statistics Prof. John Chapman, Head of the College of […]

  3. […] for instance in DIYABC (and in the population genetic experiment described in the slides I used in Zurich). The authors mention “a serious concern” and that “model choice based on those […]

  4. […] of/introduction to the field. (This echoes a complaint made by Håvard Rue a few weeks ago in Zurich.) Instead, time-series books appear to haphazardly pile up notions and techniques, theory and […]

  5. […] Most time-series books seem to suffer (in my opinion) from the same difficulty, which sums up as being unable to provide the reader with a coherent and logical description of/introduction to the field. (This echoes a complaint made by Håvard Rue a few weeks ago in Zurich.) […]

  6. […] in the Cape area. He also ran a comparison with the Maxent approach to the same problem. As for my own talk, I somehow spent too much time on the introduction to ABC, trying to link the method with […]

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