There was a two page coverage of bibliometrics in Le Monde of this Friday. Nothing very informative, just pointing out the shortcomings of the h-index. And explaining how Ike Antkare got his Ensteinian ranking without publishing a single paper. The most notable points were contained in a debate where a pro-bibliometry advanced that there were only 20 top journals across all fields, including of course Nature and Science, which shows a rather appallingly myopic view of research, and an anti-bibliometry who considered that expert based European evaluations like ERC did much better, which is not always true because EU experts are often volunteers and hence not necessarily versed in the right field.

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  1. […] astounding. In the sense that the MAS team is basically asking me to correct the inaccuracies in a bibliometric tool I am not interested in! (The link to the survey was not working, not that I was particularly […]

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