Merci taxi!

I am in Montpellier today for a general meeting of our EMILE ANR grant bi-yearly meeting, discussing ABC model choice and new applications of simulation methods in population genetics, including an upgrade of DIYABC into the 2.0 version. (The above is a picture comparing “true” Bayes factors with ABC versions, commented in my Zürich talk last Saturday.) In the taxi from the airport, I chatted with the Yugoslavian driver who seemed to enjoy very much the city and drove me to the CBGP in a record time, but I forgot my favourite North Face beanie in the car… Tonight at the airport, I had the pleasant surprise to find my hat waiting for me at the taxi stand! Merci, taxi!

5 Responses to “Merci taxi!”

  1. […] was a meeting day for our research network EMILE and I flew to Montpellier in the early morning, barely catching my 7am flight by a mere 8 minutes, […]

  2. […] read this mystery by Árni Thórarinsson over last trips to both Montpellier and València. It has been translated into French (Le Temps de la Sorcière) but apparently not […]

  3. […] also be an opportunity to discover new packages and softwares, like the incoming second version of DIYABC. (It would be interesting to see if this trend is going to be pursued with another ABC meeting in a […]

  4. What part of “Yugoslavia” was he from? :)

    • I have no idea, we did not get that friendly!!! However, I mentioned I was a mathematician and he remarked that we were notoriously absent-minded. He was proven 100% right by the forgotten beanie!!!

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