ABC in London

After the very exciting and I think quite successful ABC in Paris meeting two years ago, Michael Stumpf from Imperial College London suggested a second edition in London along the same lines. Michael kindly associated me with the planning of this meeting. It is (logically) called ABC in London (or ABCiL) and will take place in Imperial on May 5, 2011. The website is now available for registration. Since this is a one-day intense workshop, registration is compulsory and comes on a first-come first-serve basis. You may take a look at the program to realise how much of an exciting and full day this is going to be! Poster sessions will also be an opportunity to discover new packages and softwares, like the incoming second version of DIYABC. (It would be interesting to see if this trend is going to be pursued with another ABC meeting in a European capital, like Berlin, Bern or even Reykjavik!)

2 Responses to “ABC in London”

  1. […] is a workshop on cosmology and machine learning at UCL on May 3-4, i.e. just before the ABC in London workshop at Imperial! I wish I had heard about it earlier so as to plan my trip accordingly… […]

  2. […] modules of Stephens and Donnelly (JRSS Series B, 2000).  The ABC  approximation is obtained from DIYABC, using a reference sample of two million parameters and 24 summary statistics. The result of this […]

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