Statistics and Computing and ABC

Statistics and Computing has received several papers on ABC and plans to make a special ABC issue out of these. All submissions related to ABC that are made prior to late June 2011 and that are accepted will be published in this special issue. The special issue is identified as a specific article type on the on-line submissions page.

In case you have questions or requests about this special issue, please directly contact the Editor Gilles Celeux or the publishing editor. Not me! I am simply forwarding the announcement from the Editor to all those interested.

4 Responses to “Statistics and Computing and ABC”

  1. […] all was not so rosy in terms of ABC model choice. I wonder whether or not it will be part of the ABC special issue. […]

  2. […] just [arXived and] submitted to Statistics & Computing special issue on ABC a paper on ABC model assessment with Olli Ratman, Pierre Pudlo and Sylvia Richardson. The central […]

  3. […] ABC survey for Statistics and Computing (and the ABC special issue!) has been quickly revised, resubmitted, and rearXived. Here is our conclusion about some issues […]

  4. […] on Del Moral, Doucet and Jasra’s ABC-SMC (and hopefully completed soon to be submitted to Statistics and Computing special ABC issue). Oliver Ratmann showed an implementation of his model assessment to several […]

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