Parallel computation [revised]

We have now completed our revision of the parallel computation paper and hope to send it to JCGS within a few days. As seen on the arXiv version, and given the very positive reviews we received, the changes are minor, mostly focusing on the explanation of the principle and on the argument that it comes essentially free. Pierre also redrew the graphs in a more compact and nicer way, thanks to the ggplot2 package abilities. In addition, Pierre put the R and python programs used in the paper on a public depository.

4 Responses to “Parallel computation [revised]”

  1. […] efficiency for MCMC algorithms, which is available (for free) on-line, I realised the paper on parallel Metropolis-Hastings algorithm we wrote with Pierre Jacob and Murray Smith is now published in Journal of Computational and […]

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  3. I strongly recommend replacing the barplots with lineplots.

    • Sure, the bars have no meaning, they are nonetheless visually more attractive than lines… (Sorry for falling on the dark side of the Graph!)

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