It arrived in my mailbox on Tuesday, not so long a wait considering the book came economy class from the US and was published on the 1st of March. I started reading The Wise Man’s Fear right away. The first page (and the following ones as well!) is beautifully written, as can be expected from Patrick Rothfuss.

“Dawn was coming. It was night again. The Waystone Inn lay in silence, and it was a silence of three parts.

The most obvious part was a hollow, echoing quiet, made by things that were lacking. If there had been a wind it would have sighed through the trees, set the inn’s sign creaking on its hooks, and brushed the silence down the road like trailing autumns leaves. If there had been a crowd, even a handful of men inside the inn, they would have filled the silence with conversation and laughter, the clatter and clamor one expects from a drinking house during the dark hours of night. If there had been music…. but no, of course there was no music. In fact there were none of these things, and so the silence remained.”

Although the wait for the sequel to the Name of the Wind has been very long, I hope I can keep from zooming through this volume, in order to keep enjoying Rothfuss’ style, a style that took years to age. Just like a good wine.

7 Responses to “Arrived!”

  1. I have a speculation which combines info from books 1 and 2. If correct, it might constitute a spoiler. Naturally, I’m not the only one to come up with it; it’s explained here. Here’s a hint, rot13‘d: ubj znal aboyrjbzra qb lbh fhccbfr eha bss naq wbva gur Rqrzn Ehu?

    • Thanks for coding the hint! I have actually reached a part where Denna does not seem to know (a) how magic works and (b) who Ambrose is… This sounds utterly unbelievable on both respects!

  2. Possible spoiler, rot13’d: jul vf Ynql Ynpxyrff zragvbarq jvguva gur svefg srj cntrf bs Xibgur’f fgbel? Jryy, ubj serdhragyl qb lbh guvax aboyrjbzra eha njnl naq wbva gur Rqrzn Ehu?

  3. everything is important later, trust me. the Fae stuff, there’s something that happens right near the end of that section that I think will come back to haunt Kvothe in the 3rd book.

    this is such a good series!!!

    • ihateaphids Says:

      yes, I kind of got that impression about one thing in particular, it wasn’t particularly subtle!! :)

  4. Jeffrey Lozier Says:

    I’m half way through…there’s a bit of fae stuff in the middle that’s a bit annoying and slow but probably important later on, but there is still Kvothe being clever aplenty to appease us academics! I just don’t see how we’ll catch up to “the present” in only 3 books at the pace being set in the story so far!?

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