Typos sorted, at last!

After posting so many entries about typos in my books (making you wonder how there could be any text left!) and postponing their classification for so long, I decided on Saturday afternoon to collect those entries into a comprehensive pdf document that should be more useful for readers. I incidentally noticed that my book web-page had not been updated for the publication of Méthodes de Monte-Carlo avec R two months ago and did update it… I am obviously more than grateful to all those who contacted me, either thru the Og or by email to point out those numerous typos. As the Wheel had started rolling (or weaving), I took the opportunity to clean the original LaTeX files as well, including Introducing Monte Carlo methods with R. Since this is a print-on-demand edition, the changes should be immediate.

5 Responses to “Typos sorted, at last!”

  1. […] as for the confusion thus created. Of course, the additional typos will soon be included in the typo lists on my book […]

  2. […] The two translators of our book in Japanese, Kazue & Motohiro Ishida, contacted me about some R code mistakes in the book. The translation is nearly done and they checked every piece of code in the book, a piece of work for which I am very grateful! Here are the two issues they have noticed (after incorporating the typos signaled in the overall up-to-date summary): […]

  3. […] email from Stefan Webb pointed out an embarrassing typo in the Appendix of The Bayesian […]

  4. […] Another dynamic media for the iteration between the reader and the book is Christian Robert’s blog where, among other things, readers and users of his several books point out typos, ask questions, make suggestions, and more importantly, find answers to these requests. For more details, visit http://www.ceremade.dauphine.fr/~xian/books.html or https://xianblog.wordpress.com/2010/02/ 10/ typos-in-chapters-1-8. […]

  5. […] Typos sorted, at last! […]

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