Shadow Prowler

A colleague at the University dropped this book on my desk a week ago as he had read it on his way back from Texas. Shadow Prowler makes for an easy travel [even local travel] read, indeed, and its action-packed plot is sufficiently captivating to miss one’s metro station! Now, this is not either the fantasy discovery of the year. While translated from the Russian, the style of Shadow Prowler is very similar to American writers’, especially David Eddings’, with a lot of wise cracks and witty remarks. (I had to check on biddenhänder, though!) The plot itself resembles very much Eddings’, especially the Elenium trilogy, with its collection of well-defined (kind of caricaturesque) characters, and not much time to introspection nor subtlety. Far from the creativity of Brent Weeks and his Night Angel trilogy for instance. Nonetheless, it makes for a very enjoyable, uncomplicated, quick read and I am looking forward the second tome (coming out next month, more realistically whenever my colleague can get hold of it!).

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