Two local recipients for the Savage award!

Two Paris statisticians are recipients of the Savage award this year: Julien Cornebise (PhD from Telecom-Paristech with Eric Moulines, now at UCL in Mark Girolami’s group) is nominated for the Theory award and Robin Ryder (PhD in Oxford with Geoff Nicholls, now at CREST) is nominated for the Applied methodology award. Congratulations to both (and to the other two recipients) for well-deserved rewards! (Past local recipients were Billy Amzal in 2005 and Nicolas Chopin in 2002.)

8 Responses to “Two local recipients for the Savage award!”

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  5. X:

    All I’m saying is that it’s a scary picture. Conditional on the glasses and the haircut, I’m thinking a change in tie would’ve done him some good.

  6. That is one scary foto! I know he couldn’t do anything about the glasses, and I suppose that in those times he didn’t feel he had much choice about the haircut, but . . . that tie! What was he thinking??

  7. Thank you very much Christian! I’m very honored, and grateful to a lot of people. Congratulations to the three other finalists, too! Looking forward to seeing their presentations at JSM.

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