Machine learning in Bordeaux

Another machine learning workshop, in Bordeaux this time and with no cosmologist: MLSS11. (I actually attended MLS04, on the island of Berder, when I also ran the Auray-Vannes half-marathon.) Here is the email I got about it:

The 18th Machine Learning Summer School will be held near Bordeaux, France, from September 4 to September 17, 2011. This edition is co-organized by INRIA and PASCAL.

The school will provide tutorials and practical sessions on basic and advanced topics of machine learning by leading researchers in the field. The summer school is intended for students, young researchers and industry practitioners with an interest in machine learning and a good mathematical background.

The school will address the following topics: Learning theory, Bayesian inference, Monte Carlo methods, Sparse methods, reinforcement learning, robot learning, boosting, kernel methods, Bayesian nonparametrics, convex optimization and graphical models.

Confirmed speakers:

– Nicolò Cesa-Bianchi (University of Milan)
– Arnaud Doucet (University of British Columbia)
– Peter Green (University of Bristol)
– Rémi Gribonval (INRIA Rennes)
– Rémi Munos (INRIA Lille)
– Jan Peters (MPI for Biological Cybernetics)
– Robert Schapire (Princeton)
– Bernhard Schölkopf (MPI for Biological Cybernetics)
– Yee Whye Teh (University College London)
– Lieven Vandenberghe (UC Los Angeles)
– Martin Wainwright (UC Berkeley)

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