Thomas Bayes, 250 years later

A link on R-bloggers signaled a series of blogs and videos by IBM Netezza about Thomas Bayes and the consequences of his theorem. Which made me realise this was indeed the 250th anniversary of his death, and that maybe we (as a collective, incl. ISBA) should have done something on April 17th (or is it April 7th?)… Before the Revolution Analytics announcement, only this post in Dutch by Tom Heskes appeared to celebrate the event. I am not sure one should draw major consequences from this, but if any, this means that the Bayesian community has sufficiently grown in strength and maturity to stop focusing on a single point of its long history. And maybe celebrations will be more widespread for the 250th anniversaty of the publication of An essay towards solving a problem in the doctrine of chances on Dec. 23, 1763.

4 Responses to “Thomas Bayes, 250 years later”

  1. […] I noted in an earlier post, there was not a surge of activities related to Thomas Bayes’ 250th deathday… The […]

  2. We are in the process of planning a small workshop at Edinburgh
    to celebrate the anniversary, in early September.
    Bayes was a student at Edinburgh University from 1719 to c. 1722.
    The organisers are Colin Aitken (statistics), Chris Williams (informatics), and Charles Sutton (informatics).
    We’ll announce more details about participation soon.

  3. Wait, you mean we don’t have to bow in front of the picture of the Reverend anymore?

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