166 days to half-marathon

Last weekend, I was in Argentan and did two good training runs on the small country roads. This is in long-term preparation for the half-marathon in early October. If I do not suffer from [more] mechanical problems in the meanwhile, my hope is to run the half-marathon in less than 1:24 as this is a hard race with up-hill segments and most often a terrible wind (and that I am turning v2 this year). A big if and a big hope!

5 Responses to “166 days to half-marathon”

  1. […] The weather had been unusually warm all over the week and it was 29⁰ (Celsius, alas!) in Argentan when we started the race… As I cannot stand the heat and my favourite temperature is about 25 […]

  2. […] So we had a nice chat while doing a half-lap together (a wee faster than I planned!). Next run is Argentan on Saturday! […]

  3. […] in blocks of 5. This is going to be one of the very few split trainings I will do prior to the Argentan half-marathon I now hope to run (or at least to start!). Prior to flying to New York next week, I will try a […]

  4. […] will also be the cause of me missing the half-marathon in Argentan, the one for which I was expecting so much… (As I wrote earlier, “A big if and a big hope!”) […]

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