The four blackbird younglings that hatched not even two weeks ago are now gone! I am amazed at how fast they turned into birds. Of course, Pierre, Robin and I evoked the alternative hypothesis that the fours of them fell from the nest, but could not find evidence on the ground two stories below. Maybe the nest will get recycled next year,  by a blackbird or by another species, if no one at CREST decides first it is a fire hazard and takes it away!

One Response to “Ex-neighbours”

  1. I am not that surprised (I guess because we hand-feed young blackbirds ;) ) and Wikipedia tells us:

    Fledging takes another 10–19 (average 13.6) days […]

    But yes, it’s amazing… (and if you look carefully – perhaps you can find them in some scrubs – because they can’t really fly in the first days and are still fed for a while by their parents).

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