Massilia [2]

Yesterday, I went once again to Marseille for a second hiring committee meeting. Apart from seeing the above skater using cars for pulling him up the street (!), I had an interesting afternoon listening to candidates at the margin between game theory, stochastic processes and mathematical economics. None from Statistics. Nonetheless, the range of fields and abilities was quite impressive. I particularly liked the work of Marie and Rousseau on randomised ergodic dynamical systems (even though I presumably missed the important details…) This is the last week of the hiring committees I take part in, an interesting but exhausting exercise!

9 Responses to “Massilia [2]”

  1. […] all my PhD students, even though they do not always follow this recommendation, and rank high when hiring new faculty! Especially in our French academic structure […]

  2. Did that in Paris when I used to roll: driver braked brutally then accelerated then braked to try to make me fall… But it was fun =D

  3. haha. BTW, the windscreen needs cleaning…

  4. No, I laughed and said Hey! and he let go.

  5. […] I found this was the title of a book written by a local, Maurice Gouiran. The other evening, at the airport, the book was on sale in the bookstore, so I bought it and read it in the plane back to Paris. It […]

  6. A skater latched on to my rack like that the other day while I was riding my bike!

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