von Mises lecture im Berlin

In about a month I will give a talk in Berlin on ABC. This is actually a special lecture held annually in honour of Richard von Mises who was professor in Berlin till 1933 when he had to flee Germany. Previous speakers include James A. Sethian, Albert Shiryaev, Uwe Küchler, Enrique Zuazua, and Philip Protter who gave the first von Mises lecture in 2007. I am thus quite honoured to be invited to deliver this lecture as a statistician, even though I fear my lecture and my research are fairly disjoint from Richard von Mises’ contributions to the field… (The closest I came to his work was when reviewing Krzysztof Burdzy’s The Search for Certainty own criticism of von Mises’ [and de Finetti’s] approaches to the definition of probability, only to discover von Mises had not made a lasting impact on the field of statistics in this very specific respect… However, Professor Shirayev’s talk relates to von Mises’s infinite random sequences in connection with both the formalisation of probability and algorithmic theory.)


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  6. If they ever invite me, I know what I can talk about! (See page 3 of this article.)

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