As noted in an earlier post, there was not a surge of activities related to Thomas Bayes’ 250th deathday… The University of Edinburgh, where Thomas Bayes was a student for three years (apparently not long enough to become a famous alumnus?!), is answering this plea (!) by putting together a meeting for this occasion on September 5-7. Registration is open till June 23, as places are limited. David Dunson will give a plenary lecture and David Spiegelhalter a general interest public lecture. There will also be talks by non-Davids from all over Britain (including Paris, now a suburb of London by Eurostar standards). I should thus be back in Scotland in a few months!

2 Responses to “Bayes-2.5.0.”

  1. […] September 5-7, I am attending Bayes-250 at the University of Edinburgh. I arrived under a blazing sun that showed Arthur’s Seat in […]

  2. Unfortunately, the RSS celebrates the 100th anniversary of the death of Francis Galton on exactly the same dates, Sept. 6 and 7, in London… The death anniversary was already celebrated by UCL in January, though, so it may be that the event will not detract too many potential attendees from traveling to Edinburgh!

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