Improving convergence of Data Augmentation algorithms

Following an earlier submission to Statistical Science, we have now resubmitted and arXived the new version of our paper “Improving the convergence properties of the Data Augmentation algorithm with an application to Bayesian mixture modelling”, written with Jim Hobert (University of Florida), and Vivek Roy (Iowa State University). Given that both referees were quite positive about the earlier version, the changes are truly minor and overwhelmingly stylistic. Again, I am I am very glad to be part of this paper because of the results but also because it relates to a problem I discussed at length with Richard Tweedie when I visited him in Colorado in 1993… (The above picture of Richard, along with Gareth Roberts and Anto Mira, was taken during the TMR Workshop on Computational and Spatial Statistics I organised in Aussois in 1998, with unfortunately no remaining webpage! A pre-MCMC’ski of sorts, when I had not yet started skiing!)

One Response to “Improving convergence of Data Augmentation algorithms”

  1. This version of the paper has now been accepted by Statistical Science.

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