Do we need…not yet!

Following rejections of our discussion paper of Murray Aitkin’s book, Statistical Inference, written with Andrew Gelman and Judith Rousseau, by the journals Bayesian Analysis [where I think it truly belonged, being more than a book review, an assessment of the relevance of the approach from a Bayesian viewpoint!], JASA Book Reviews, and Electronic Journal of Statistics, we have decided to try yet another outlet for our discussion, Statistics and Decisions, to which I had not submitted a paper in about twenty years (since the loss of an accepted paper with George Casella by the S&D editor at the time!). More fundamentally, I completely understand and acknowledge the individual decision by each editorial board not to publish our piece in their respective journals, but I bemoan (once again) the lack of outlet for this type of opinion tribune that should appeal to the community as a whole (again, because this is a book that aims at a complete shift in or out of the  Bayesian theory!) and that should be possible given the current electronic communication tools. In other and more precise words, journals should start blogs or forums where readers could comment on published papers and, why not?!, rejected authors could respond to reviews… This is why I liked the format of the review process in the journal Hydrology and Earth System Sciences. that allows for a publication of referee’ reports and comments from the readership. In any case, I hope Statistics and Decisions will be interested in our piece as we are about to run out of options and stamina! (I usually give up much earlier than that!)

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  1. Update:

    We published the article in the journal Statistics & Risk Modeling, and here it is:

    Click to access GRR17.pdf

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