Tutorial in Shanghai

I have reached Shanghai yesterday night after a relaxing night trip in an almost empty plane (and a painful taxi ride that seemed about as long!), ate an enjoyable dinner with Larry and Linda, but could not connect to the ‘Og‘s admin site, despite having a great hotel connection… I am thus posting through email the link to my O’Bayes 2011 tutorial slides for today, hoping it will come out fine! If not, apologies! (It worked!)

4 Responses to “Tutorial in Shanghai”

  1. […] represent an input from the statistician, hence are informative about something! Similarly, “objective” has an authoritative weight I dislike… I thus prefer the label “reference […]

  2. […] could still read WordPress blogs, including mine, and hence see my successful attempt at posting my slides for O’Bayes 2011 by email. This easy if partial bypassing of the unavailable admin portal somehow proves both the […]

  3. That’s a smart way of getting around the Great Firewall! This must be one of the only cases where writing is possible, but reading is not…

    • Actually, reading was possible, sorry for being unclear. Which makes me wonder why the Great Firewall (金盾工程) is bothering to prevent bloggers from writing if anyone can read a wordpress post. And the trick of posting by email is so obvious… Weird!

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