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When visiting Springer site, I spotted a window advertising LaTeX Search. This is a webpage that produces (Springer published) papers involving the LaTeX code entered by the user. The idea is nice. However, given the number of ways one can type a LaTeX command, (and the limited number of LaTeX “snippets” available, a modest 3 millions…), I wonder about the final utility of this (free) product! For instance, when typing

\pi(\theta|x_1,\ldots,x_n) \propto \pi(\theta)

I could not find any relevant document. Even

\pi(\theta|x_1,\ldots,x_n) \propto \pi(\theta)

did not show an exact equivalence. Even though Bayes’ formula eventually showed up

\pi(\theta|{\mathbf{x}}) = \frac{\pi(\theta)L(\theta|{\mathbf{x}})}
{\int_{\Uptheta} \pi(\theta)L(\theta|{\mathbf{x}}) \hbox{d}\theta}
\propto \pi(\theta)L(\theta|{\mathbf{x}})

I therefore remain unconvinced by the relevance of the concept! Unless one looks for a very specific and concise object.

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  1. […] e.g. with a LaTeX typed formula, the result is not that clear. So it does not really beat the (not convincing) LaTeX search offered by Springer which looks for academic papers with some given LaTeX […]

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