Tiergarten, Reichstag, und Brandenburger Tor

This morning, I took advantage of the very early sunrise in Berlin to go running for one hour in Tiergarten. On the way there, I glimpsed the Reichstag building and the Siegessaüle column. In the (nice) park, I did not see many animals apart from rabbits and a few lamas. And those bicolor ravens:

When I got back to my hotel, traffic was starting to intensify and I had to watch for bikes at every crossing.


2 Responses to “Tiergarten, Reichstag, und Brandenburger Tor”

  1. Your early morning in the Tiergarten caught my attention. There is a special feeling when it is so peaceful. I wrote about it in my website and you might like to look back in time to when I was out to watch the sun come up in this same location four decades ago.

    It is in a longer story titled “23rd Hour, 23rd Psalm”, but this address will skip ahead to the part that is relevant:


  2. […] Even I stayed just a few days in Berlin, I was quite impressed by its congenial atmosphere, the (mostly) graceful moves of the numerous bikes in every street, the highly lively (day and night) life (that it was June and warm did help!), the numerous reconstructed monuments, like the “new” synagogue above that was rebuilt in 1995, some remnants of the Nazi era as well as the Cold War era, sometimes collapsing as in the above, a stop at the talking with witnesses of the latter, both from East and West Berlin, driving by the East Side Gallery, a kilometer long section of the Wall with mural paintings of various styles and appeal, running early mornings in Tiergarten, […]

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