Berlin impressions

Even I stayed just a few days in Berlin, I was quite impressed by its congenial atmosphere, the (mostly) graceful moves of the numerous bikes in every street, the highly lively (day and night) life (that it was June and warmth did help!), the numerous reconstructed monuments, like the “new” synagogue above that was rebuilt in 1995, some remnants of the Nazi era as well as of the Cold War era, sometimes collapsing on top of one another as in the above building, a stop at the talking with witnesses of the latter, both from East and West Berlin, driving by the East Side Gallery, a kilometer long section of the Wall with mural paintings of various styles and appeal, running early mornings in Tiergarten,

being shown a Stolperstein a few houses from my hotel, the happier sight of trams and trains all around the city, with old and new train stations, like the one below of Hackescher Markt, once again, the endless flow of bikes in a very late evening, with or without lights, mostly at a leisurely pace,

a “comprehensive” tour of the central city with Markus at an Olympic (but enjoyable) pace under a pleasantly companionable rain, a terrific goulash near Gendarmenmarkt at the prestigious Lutter & Wegner, a somehow forced (if still pleasant) bike tour when I realised I had lost the key of my bike locker!,

and, above all, a strong flow of life, action, creation and mixed communities that give the place a village feeling and paradoxically make Berlin such an attractive cosmopolitan city!

2 Responses to “Berlin impressions”

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