IMS council

A few days ago I learned that I had been elected to the IMS council… This is a great honour and I hope I can contribute in positive ways to the IMS (Institute of Mathematical Statistics) during my term in the council. Although I am fond of all the societies I belong to, the IMS is the first society I joined (in 1987, becoming a life member in 2005) and the attachment is more than the mere pleasure of having rows and rows of blue Annals of Statistics facing me in my office! The IMS nominated me a Fellow in 1996, then a Medallion Lecturer in 2005, two honours I felt particularly…honoured to receive! The IMS is, contrary to the ASA and the RSS, an international society and, contrary to ISBA, a encompassing society covering all the range from extremely theoretical probability bordering on pure analysis to very applied statistics. It is also more academic than national societies, which suits me well!, and publishes some of the top journals in probability and statistics, the (relatively) recent creation of Annals of Applied Probability, and then of Annals of Applied Statistics being great moves. As is the fact that the journals are not handled by commercial publishers. So my wish is that I can efficiently contribute to maintain and reinforce the high standards of the society and to enhance the vision of “diversity in unity” for a highly diverse community. (Obviously, I more than welcome suggestions and comments from ‘Og readers about the development and structure of the IMS.)

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