Accepted lack of confidence

I just got the following email from PNAS about our Lack of confidence in ABC model choice.

Editor's Remarks to Author: 

both referees now find the manuscript acceptable for publication as do I. Each
suggests small changes which I encourage the authors to make prior to having the
manuscript go into production. 

Congratulations on an interesting and provocative paper.

This is terrific news (and my first true paper in PNAS)! The small changes are indeed very minor and involve (a) reverting to the inclusion of the above graph comparing 1000 with 50,000 importance sampling simulation in the large population genetic experiment (b) mentioning that the ABC-based model choice actually produced the proper conclusion in those population genetic experiments. We now have to work hard to complete our paper with Jean-Michel Marin, Natesh Pillai and Judith Rousseau towards a partial resolution of the issues raised in this paper.

4 Responses to “Accepted lack of confidence”

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  4. Wonderful, congratulations!

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