Viva and talk in Lancaster

On Monday and Tuesday, I will be visiting Lancaster University, first to take part in Dennis Prangle‘s viva and then in a local ABC meeting. I had not been in Lancaster since giving an seminar there in 2005 (just prior to climbing the four Munroes of the Ben Lui group near Tyndrum!), so I am quite pleased to visit again, especially to talk about ABC. (As Chris Bonington is the chancellor of Lancaster University, it could have been a great opportunity to meet him, had he been around and available at this time!)

3 Responses to “Viva and talk in Lancaster”

  1. […] of the word simulation than I have. (I had the same impression this summer when taking part in a half-day of talks in Lancaster.) I am however slightly worried at having prepared my (advanced) tutorial for the right crowd, […]

  2. […] in Lancaster, I bought the latest volume in George Martin‘s Song of Ice and Fire series. A book I have […]

  3. […] viva and talk went on well (even though I was a bit too tired to give a good talk, I fear!), with interesting […]

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