Monte Carlo patent

Julien just pointed me to this incredible patent of the Monte Carlo principle! I cannot see there anything new compared with the principles laid by Ulam, von Neuman and Metropolis in the 40’s… So each time one uses a Monte Carlo estimation of variation, incl. bootstrap, this patent should be acknowledged?! This surely sounds absurd… The worse because those “authors” work at IBM research labs.

6 Responses to “Monte Carlo patent”

  1. […] some small bites: Xi’an’s Og was pointed to a ridiculous patent, pointed to an excellent Australian project […]

  2. Mark Girolami Says:

    We should all be paying royalties to Honda everytime a Bayesian Linear Regression Analysis is carried out…

  3. Keal Gross Says:

    Fully Bayesian linear regression is (of course ;) also patented:

  4. A few years back my major professor showed my a patent some one had filed for the linear model

  5. It does seem incredible, but what is more amazing is that these sort of patents are commonplace and proliferate in the American system. Indeed, people are citing patents as one of the main reasons that Google just bought Motorola for billions — every large tech company needs loads of these patents of the obvious to counter claims that they are infringing patents owned by others.

    There was a good radio program about this a couple of weeks ago:

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