yet another typo

An email from Stefan Webb pointed out an embarrassing typo in the Appendix of The Bayesian Choice:

There is a type on page 522 in the definition of the density function of the hypergeometric distribution (A.14). It should read “pN choose x”, not “pn choose x” in the numerator of f since you have reparameterized the standard form with m = pN.

Indeed, the density of the hypergeometric distribution should be

f(x|p)=\dfrac{{pN\choose x}{(1-p)N\choose n-x}}{{N\choose n}}\mathbb{I}_{\{n-(1-p)N,\ldots,pN\}}(x) \mathbb{I}_{\{0,1,\ldots,n\}}(x)

instead of

f(x|p)=\dfrac{{pn\choose x}{(1-p)N\choose n-x}}{{N\choose n}}\mathbb{I}_{\{n-(1-p)N,\ldots,pN\}}(x) \mathbb{I}_{\{0,1,\ldots,n\}}(x)

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