spare ribs

On Sunday morning, after a dark and stormy night, I went early for a long run. Alas, the park was closed because the wardens were afraid of possible broken branches (they should try working in Central Park!). So I went running on my usual night route following the underground TGV line. Alas, when entering one of the tunnel, I was not paying enough attention to the ground and slipped on the wet tar: I scrapped part of my thigh and hurted my ribs and back, as the fall was really sudden! (Fall, again would have been an appropriate title, right?) I still felt fine enough to complete my round and come home grumbling about the wardens who &tc… After a few hours, some of the ribs started to hurt more and I started to suspect a broken rib. I went to see my sport practitioner on the next day and he diagnosed a broken rib! Nothing major but at least two weeks before it mends. Not only did those wardens who &tc… made me miss a quick climbing trip to Chamonix, but the same wardens who &tc… will also be the cause of me missing the half-marathon in Argentan, the one for which I was expecting so much… (As I wrote earlier, “A big if and a big hope!”)

4 Responses to “spare ribs”

  1. […] always that bright and sunny! (Like three days ago when it rained and I fell from my bike and broke another rib…) The sculpture is in fact a phone booth made by Sophie Calle, who is the only one to know […]

  2. […] climbing together in the local indoor club, with very few climbers that early in the morning. (The rib hurt a lot more than when running, though.) […]

  3. […] a terrific run this morning to the top of Arthur’s Seat, and then around (the ribs are feeling fine, now!), the Bayes-250 talks were exhilarating and challenging. Jim Smith gave an […]

  4. An inside explanation for the title: this reference to spare ribs is in memory of terrific dinners we had with Bill, George, and Marty at Billy Bob Jack’s Barbecue in Ithaca. Alas, the place is now closed!

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