Another coincidence…

After the coincidence of bumping into Marc Suchard in an Edinburgian Indian restaurant on Tuesday night, I faced another if much less pleasant coincidental event: for the third time in a row, my bag went missing on a Air France flight to Scotland… This happened first for the mixture meeting in 2009, costing me an attempt at Tower Ridge on Ben Nevis, then again when I took part in the colloquium celebrating Mike Titterington last May. Since having three independently lost luggages on three (or six) trips is very unlikely, there must be a reason to this pattern! Besides a conspiracy theory about the airline pushing me towards other companies because of my grumpy patronage or my unsuccessful requests for Irn Bru, possible reasons are late checking-ins (even though this does not apply in the last two cases) and use of a [small] backpack that is always turned into an “oversized” piece of luggage by the airline ground personal (does not apply to the first occurrence), but I do not carry particularly suspicious items, not even haggis on the way back… There must be a better reason than that!

3 Responses to “Another coincidence…”

  1. […] the overlap with my talk there last year… (I note that I have just managed to fly to Scotland with no lost bag, a true achievement!) […]

  2. […] for the West and get to the mountains. Depending on the weather and on the (dis)continuation of a dark series with bag transportation, I hope to hike up Bidean nam Bian in Glencoe (as I did in 1995 upon Peter Green’s […]

  3. 09/09/11, 21:30, the bag was delivered to my home.

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