space invaders

This morning, when running in the park, I saw a gang of parakeets attacking a grey heron in flight… It is only the arrival of a second heron that made the parakeets go away. (If you wonder in which part of the World I run these days, it is near Paris. But four or five parakeets have been released in the local park two years ago and they now grow and multiply despite the harsh winters. They are very raucous and aggressive with other birds, witness this attack on the heron. I hope a harsher and longer winter could wipe them out, but the counter-example of Heidelberg where dozens of those birds are found on the campus gives me little hope…)

One Response to “space invaders”

  1. Razmondo Rodriguez Says:

    I too have just witnessed parakeets attacking a Heron here in London. My dad says its normal, ‘they just don’t like them’, he says!


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