Good training

Today, I went training with my INSEE Paris Club friends for a training round on the local stadium: 15x400m in blocks of 5. This is going to be one of the very few split trainings I will do prior to the Argentan half-marathon I now hope to run (or at least to start!). Prior to flying to New York next week, I will try a 6x1000m round. I did not record the laps, but overall managed to keep close to 1’21”, especially over the last block, which was faster than I planned. Biking back home was a wee slower than usual but definitely worth it!

5 Responses to “Good training”

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  2. ah… dont be so impressed that was in my 20’s… now a good deal older I would struggle to make your league…. unless you put me on a bike.

  3. 15 x 400m is a tough session – used to do regular 12 x 400m at 61 – petering out to 64 on the penultimate 400 – then rallying round for the final lap – hated them.

    • Wow, 61″: I am in an altogether different league, doing 81″… (Best lap was the first one in 76″.) Privilege of going over 50, I am afraid! The nice thing about the penultimate lap is that it hurts no matter how many you run.

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