Plane talks

(Heard this part of a phone conversation in the queue at the security check in Roissy airport)

Oui, le secrétaire de Martine Aubry m’a laissé un message sur mon portable. Tu sais de quoi il s’agit ?

[The secretary of Martine Aubry, a Socialist candidate for the French presidential elections, left a message on my cell-phone. Do you have an idea of what it is about?]

And then I sat in the A380 plane to New York next to a journalist from Madagascar, who was traveling to the UN as part of a diplomatic delegation along the Malgache president Andry Rajoelina (who was sitting downstairs in first class), as well as a bodygard, a translator and the head of the armed forces, sitting across the aisle from me. We had an interesting if lengthy chat about his country and the current transition towards an international recognition represented by this trip. And his technical tricks to transmit his coverage back to Madagascar via You Tube, since the Malgache television is unable to support more than one cameraman for the event…

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