marathon world record broken

Once again, the Berlin marathon provides us with a World record. Patrick Makau just finished in 2:03:38, breaking Haile Gebrsellassie’s previous record. And leaving Gebrsellassie quite behind (he eventually dropped away). Maybe the beautiful finish at the Brandenburg Gate helps in setting those records! Paula Radcliffe finished third in 2:23:46, far from her World record. And four minutes behind Florence Kiplagat. However, I think the major thing is that she finished and got qualified for the 2012 Olympics. Now, it is time for splits in Central Park!

4 Responses to “marathon world record broken”

  1. […] d’une seconde par rapport au précédant record). On devrait être content (en tous les cas Xi’an semble l’être). Sauf qu’à l’hiver 2012, je vais donner un cours sur copules et […]

  2. […] a race! This time it was not the NYC half-marathon (and I did not see Paula Radcliffe as she was in Berlin) but an 18 miles race in preparation for the NYC marathon. I had completed my fartlek training of […]

  3. Actually, if you look at the series of winners’time at several marathons, over 20 years, you can observe a strange pattern. I did not know that there was such a non-stationnarity…

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