Hans Rudolf Künsch’s 60th birthday


The colloquium in honour of our friend Hans Ruedi Künsch was superbly organised by Peter Bühlmann, Sara van de Geer, and Marloes Maathuis! It was a pleasure to hear the talks by the other speakers (although fog in Zürich made me miss half of Jim’s talk on volcanoes!), to ponder about Sue Geman’s conjecture on the number of local modes on a mixture likelihood surface, to attend a very pleasant gala dinner, and to celebrate Hans’ numerous contributions to the field and to the community. Not to mention a good recovery run along Zürichsee in the early morning… Here are the slides of my talk, with very little chances from those in Columbia last week (as I did not have time to include the verification of the assumptions in the Laplace example):

3 Responses to “Hans Rudolf Künsch’s 60th birthday”

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