A Bayesian Nobel recipient

Chris Sims, who got the Nobel Prize in Economics yesterday, or more precisely the Sveriges Riksbank Prize in Economic Sciences, has [also] done work in Bayesian econometrics. See for instance his talk on Why Econometrics Should Always and Everywhere Be Bayesian. Or his analysis of a counterexample of Larry Wasserman’s. He even has a tech report on adaptive Metropolis-Hastings algorithms (that apparently did not get published). He has also been teaching Bayesian statistics and econometrics at Princeton for many years, so this is a cool day for Bayesian stats! (The picture of a switching regime estimation on his webpage is actually similar to a rendering of mine from the late 90’s, when I was working on semi-Markov switching AR models with Catalin Starica, except I cannot find any trace but for the Splus code!)

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