Semi-automatic ABC [discussion draft]

Tomorrow, we hold a local seminar at CREST about the incoming Read Paper on December 14 by Paul Fearnhead and Dennis Prangle. I have already commented the paper in several posts (here and there), so here are my slides to summarise the paper and to introduce the discussion. I hope we can produce several submitted discussions out of this seminar!

(Warning: while I intend to attend the meeting next December 14 and to contribute a discussion, if not stranded by a snowstorm in the US!, the above is not the discussion I plan to present in front of the Society!)

9 Responses to “Semi-automatic ABC [discussion draft]”

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  2. […] are the slides (modified from the earlier version) I should be presenting right now, more or less! […]

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  5. […] typos in the manuscript so I’ll keep an up to date list of them here. This is expanded from a comment I wrote on Xian Robert’s blog – thanks to him and others for spotting these. I’ll […]

  6. elementary statistics…

    […]Semi-automatic ABC [discussion draft] « Xi'an's Og[…]…

  7. […] Marin and I also presented our recent work on ABC model choice and advertised the incoming Read Paper on ABC methods to the group, as they could contribute to the discussion.) One of the talks involved the […]

  8. Dennis Prangle Says:

    Hi Christian, thanks for providing these slides. I have just been reading them in conjunction with the our paper. There appear to be several typos in the paper (some of which I think we created during by the final round of presentational revisions). I’ll try to list some here as this may help a few readers. As you point out we write K[…]/h in several places where K[…/h] would be correct, and in the last equation in the proof of Theorem 2 the final theta should be theta_0. Another reader has let us know that on line 44 of page 4 we write h(theta) which should be a(theta).

    Also you mention some points which we discussed in my PhD viva (eg that the Bernardo and Smith regularity conditions may not be the most appropriate to use). Unfortunately this took place after the submission of our paper so we couldn’t incorporate them there, but hopefully they will form part of some interesting discussions in December!

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