Bayesian variable selection [off again]

As indicated a few weeks ago, we have received very encouraging reviews from Bayesian Analysis about our [Gilles Celeux, Mohammed El Anbari, Jean-Michel Marin and myself] our comparative study of Bayesian and non-Bayesian variable selections procedures (“Regularization in regression: comparing Bayesian and frequentist methods in a poorly informative situation“) to Bayesian Analysis. We have just  rearXived and resubmitted it with additional material and hope this is the last round. (I must acknowledge a limited involvement at this final stage of the paper. Had I had more time available, I would have liked to remove the numerous tables and turn them into graphs…)

5 Responses to “Bayesian variable selection [off again]”

  1. Dave Backus @ NYU Says:

    This is great. Would be even greater if you could post a “handout” version that skips all the overlays. Still good as is though.

  2. The paper is now posted on Bayesian Analysis.

  3. The acceptance letter from Bayesian Analysis just came yesterday, great!!!

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