CHANCE 24(4) out

The latest issue of CHANCE is now on line. Including the first occurrence of my Book Reviews column, which provides an edited version of some of my book reviews on the ‘Og. This first column contains reviews of

4 Responses to “CHANCE 24(4) out”

  1. […] a consequent package I got from CRC Press last month for CHANCE, there was this short book by Brian S. Everitt, A whistle-stop tour of statistics… Nice […]

  2. Actually, I am unhappy with the printed version of those reviews and thus with the commercial publisher Springer-Verlag in that (a) they turn my LaTeX into Word, hence botching most mathematical formulas (plus added gratuitous typos!), (b) the quotes from the book that appear quite clearly in my LateX/pdf output are hard to spot (check on the first page, (c) the reviews are not available to non-subscribers.

  3. […] I was writing my next column for CHANCE, I decided I would include a methodology box about “using the data twice”. Here is the […]

  4. […] learned that Persi Diaconis and Ron Graham had co-authored a book on the mathematics of magic, the Book Editor of CHANCE immediately asked Princeton University Press for a copy! Even though I am not at all interested in […]

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