Microsoft wrote me an email

I received the following and unsolicited email today from Microsoft Research:

Dear Christian,
Microsoft Research would like to tell you about Microsoft Academic Search (MAS) a search engine to explore publications, authors, conferences, journals and their relationships. Based on our data mining algorithm and data on the web, MAS has aggregated some of your information here.
This is our initial coverage into such academic area, we understand that our coverage is very limited, therefore the aggregated information might not be 100% correct or complete. We are working on finding and processing more data, better name disambiguation, and other enhancements. While you’re here, please check out interactive features like relationship path, and public APIs if you’re interested in using our data set in your research work.
We would love to hear your thoughts about how MAS can help your research and work. It would be great if you can take some time to fill out this short anonymous survey.
Best regards,
Microsoft Academic Search Team

which I find rather astounding. In the sense that the MAS team is basically asking me to correct the inaccuracies in a bibliometric tool I am not interested in! (The link to the survey was not working, not that I was particularly excited in answering! And there is no direct way to correct the information contained in the file, as opposed to google scholar citations…)

4 Responses to “Microsoft wrote me an email”

  1. Yah, the Google version is much better. It’s kind of funny how bad Microsoft’s version is!

    • @how bad: Predictable, no?! For instance, Don Rubin appears twice in the list… The funniest thing is when their software extracts pictures from personal webpages w/o checking for multiple answers.

  2. When does the picture on your google citations page date back from?? CRT screens, and a still-colored mane… Either you’ve taken up on dyes and oldies, or you’ve dug up in the archives!
    (since google citations’ pictures are uploaded by the researcher, another difference with Microsoft Academic which vampirizes and automatically crop pictures from our websites — as you’ve pointed with Eric’s miscropped picture )

    • This is, admittedly, not the most recent picture of me! It was taken by Olivier in Télécom when he helped me install one version of Linux on a new laptop and I would date it circa 2002… (If you could identify the version of Linux by image processing, you would know exactly!)

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