Error and Inference [arXived]

Following my never-ending series of posts on the book Error and Inference, (edited) by Deborah Mayo and Ari Spanos (and kindly sent to me by Deborah), I decided to edit those posts into a (slightly) more coherent document, now posted on arXiv. And to submit it as a book review to Siam Review, even though I had not high expectations it fits the purpose of the journal: the review was rejected between the submission to arXiv and the publication of this post!

7 Responses to “Error and Inference [arXived]”

  1. […] The author seems to have studied Mayo and Spanos’ Error and Inference to great lengths. (As I did, as I did!) He spends around twenty pages in Chapter 3 on this opposition and on the […]

  2. […] few days ago, while in Roma, I got the good news that my review of Error and Inference had been accepted by Theory and Decision. Great! Then today I got a second […]

  3. I just received a reply from Theory & Decision that my review is accepted as is. Great.

  4. The review was also rejected by the journal Philosophy of Science as being too long a review and not broad enough a research paper. I just resubmitted it to Bayesian Analysis.

    • I think if Bayesian analysis takes it, say, that it would be constructive to allow Aris and I to respond briefly to the main issues. Do you agree? In the mean time, I’ll get to it bit by bit in my blog (though much of the concerns have already been addressed more generally).

      • Alas, Bayesian Analysis rejected the extended review on the basis that it does not publish book reviews… Next attempt is presumably Theory & Decision.

  5. […] connection with my series of posts on the book Error and Inference, and my recent collation of those into an arXiv document, Deborah Mayo has started a series of informal seminars at the LSE […]

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