Bridal Veil fall, Provo

On Friday, Shane Reese (who so superbly organised the MCMSki III conference early this year and helped us so much for the Adap’ skiii workshop!) took me ice-climbing on one of the most iconic ice routes near Provo, Bridal Veil Fall. There, we met with a guide, Scott Adamson, who lead-climbed both pitches we experimented and belayed us as well.

This was a superb day of climbing where we did about six pitches each, including an attempt towards mixed climbing which was very interesting in its closer connection with rock climbing. Scott was immensely encouraging and it was only towards the end of the day that he told us about the new route he had opened on Moose’s Tooth, Denali, a story I had read in a climbing magazine at that time… (He was trying another route there last spring as well.)

4 Responses to “Bridal Veil fall, Provo”

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  3. La première photo est super belle !

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