what’s the heck..?!

One of my friends got the following email from Elsevier:

Dear Dr. xxx,

Congratulations on having your latest article published in <one Elsevier
journal>. We recognise the importance of making your research have an impact.
Our aim is to help you by facilitating and developing truly innovative
ways to better connect you with your community.

Free QR T-shirt! We would like to offer you unique chance to increase
your next article's visibility, usage and impact. We will be attending
Joint Mathematics Meeting 2012, where we are giving you the chance to
collect a free T-shirt featuring a customised QR code linked to your
latest article.

Let your colleagues scan the code with their smart phones to see your
latest research!

To take advantage of this limited offer (deadline 5 December), simply
click on the link below and follow 3 easy steps to order your t-shirt today.

Remember there are a limited number of T-shirts available, so be quick
and we will see you at JMM 2012 in Boston at our stand 317-321 to
collect your T-shirt!

The link showed a tee-shirt with the title of the paper and the names of the author(s)… Sounds like one of the weirdest advertising schemes I have seen in academia! (The choice of the meeting shows the campaign is not very precisely focussed.)

2 Responses to “what’s the heck..?!”

  1. Journals have always been in the branding business ( http://nuit-blanche.blogspot.com/2012/01/you-think-peer-review-as-currently.html ) , they just discovered that selling tee-shirts is the way to go like your favorite band.

  2. haha, i think it could be fun. I want one.

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