Obnoxious plus

On the flight back to Paris on Thursday, there were three very loud and incredibly obnoxious (French) executives, speaking to one another across seats on different aisles as if they were alone… Sitting right behind me. Even the noise cancelling headphone was not up to it! They seemed to be part of a media company as they were discussing buying the rights for the Dakar rally. Just as loudly. Among the two hours of highly cerebral conversation, here are a few gems (others were either too crude or too prone to libel!) from the top protagonist:

“I prohibited my cleaning lady to use […] for my shirts, it is chemical, it goes right into the skin.”

“No, no, Espéranza only does the cleaning. Manuela does the ironing.”

“She always complains about women hair on my couch. “

“You should buy those yellow latex overshoes. The salt they put to clean the sidewalks are killing your leather shoes, no matter how good they are.”

2 Responses to “Obnoxious plus”

  1. no, even though I should have! It was like being in a play…

  2. did you take notes on these. :)

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