an all-inclusive Cambridge experience

My trip to Cambridge last week was very enjoyable: I have visited Cambridge and the (terrific) Isaac Newton institute enough times in the past twenty years to know my way around and to look forward my next visit… However, having the opportunity of staying in St John’s College with a room next to the Cam river and attending a formal dinner in the magnificent Dinning Hall was a wonderful new experience!

I am always amazed (and obviously envious) of the facilities offered to both students and faculty living in the colleges (not mentioning of course the rich intellectual atmosphere both in colleges and at the faculty of mathematics, expressed e.g. by an astounding list of seminars). My seminar on ABC model choice was well-attended and discussed, despite being at 4pm a Friday afternoon (maybe the beer social in the faculty upstairs right after helped!). And I had time to work quietly on multiple-try MCMC, following thoughts raised both by the comments on the related post and the GPU meeting in Warwick. Add great weather and the opportunity to go for a run next to the rowers in the morning to make for a great (short) trip.

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