Troll hunter

(Warning! This post countains shocking facts about the true wildlife of Norway! Read at your own peril!)

When I started watching Troll Hunter, I was completely unaware that trolls roamed the higher plateaux of central Norway… This documentary made me realise, along with the three students who made the unedited film, of this unknown component of the Norwegian wildlife. The many races of trolls who managed to remain hidden for centuries, at least from cameras and general knowledge. With the help of the Troll Security Services (Trollsikkerhetstjenesten). If I ever hike again in Jotunheimen, or near Sogn og Fjordane (and I wish I will!), I will certainly pay attention to sunset times, in order to be indoor before the night!, and will be watching for weird tracks during the day. Even if you are not considering exploring Norway’s wildest areas in the future, you should watch the most amazing documentary ever! And learn how the Norwegian government slaughtered whole populations of trolls to make a new road… A wonder some are still left!

3 Responses to “Troll hunter”

  1. I heard that trolls are terrified of albedo.

  2. Hahah. I’m actually a Norwegian on exchange in France. I showed them this movie (Norwegian pride) and it turned out they hated it.

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