My Taylor [and Francis] is rich

I received twice this email/spam from Taylor & Francis  today:

Dear Christian P. Robert,<

We are pleased to advise you that you are entitled to free access
to your article Computational and Inferential Difficulties with
Mixture Posterior Distributions on Taylor & Francis Online.

To access your personal copy, simply: 

1. Register free of charge at
with the email address this notification has been sent to. If you
already have a user account, just log in with your username and password. 

2. Once logged in, access your article by visiting: 

3. You can then find your article in 'My account'/ 'My authored works'
whenever you come back to the site. 

Please contact the Taylor & Francis Online Customer Service team at if you have problems accessing your article.

Please visit our Author Services website for guidance on authors'
rights, promoting your article, and other useful topics at 

Kind regards,

Sarah Wright
Head of Customer Services
Taylor & Francis Online Customer Services

and I tried it for the sake of it. (As an author, I do not need Francis and his friends to read my papers! As ASA member, I do not need a taylor to access 2000 JASA papers!) Surprise, surprise, (a) it does not work for both of my 2000 JASA papers linked by the emails and (b) it does not work for any other paper. I am thus afraid this is simply going to feed further spams to my spambox…

One Response to “My Taylor [and Francis] is rich”

  1. I actually got a personal email from Taylor & Francis explaining why I was getting those targeted spams (4 so far) and their reason is that “In March, all ASA members will begin reading content of the journals on our “Taylor & Francis Online” platform. It will happen automatically when you log in via the ASA website. In preparation for that, we recently loaded about 11 years worth of articles to the site, including the one you mentioned.” Nice to know, as long as (a) the price of JASA does not shoot up and (b) I do not get spams about reading my own papers!

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