A Roma

Today, I am going to Rome for a week, teaching my PhD course on ABC I first gave in Paris. The course takes place in La Sapienza Università di Roma, from Monday till Thursday. There will be an R lab in addition to the lectures. (I have no further item of information at the moment.) The slides have been corrected from some typos and reposted on slideshare.

6 Responses to “A Roma”

  1. […] my week in Roma, I read David Bellhouse’s book on Abraham De Moivre (at night and in the local […]

  2. […] are the R codes of the second R lab organised by Serena Arima in supplement of my lectures (now completed!). This morning I covered ABC model choice and the following example is the […]

  3. […] thus appreciate very much the double opportunity offered by teaching this ABC advanced course at La Sapienza, namely both to reach new students and to enjoy a week of Roman dolce vita… […]

  4. […] are the R codes of the R labs organised by Serena Arima in supplement of my lectures. This is quite impressive and helpful to the students, as illustrated by the first example below […]

  5. […] mine, I see no point in writing another post (esp. with very limited posting abilities this week in Roma…) […]

  6. Have a good trip! I am jealous!

    Courtney Mara

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